Top 8 Best Golf Gloves for Golfing Reviews

Golf is one of the most prestigious sports that involve sophistication and a high accuracy rate to play. Besides essential accessories like a club and ball, the best golf gloves will unarguably up-level your game.

It requires profound knowledge about the material, hand orientation, weight, breathability, size, closure type, etc., to purchase the ideal gloves for golf playing.

Premium gloves boost your practices and games to a better extent. That’s why you should read this article reviewing the top 8 finest products to bring along to the course, gain victory, and improve your current rank.

#1. Callaway Golf Men’s Leather Glove - Best With Style

Because the Callaway Golf Men’s Leather Glove has a premium leather material, it brings the golfer a luxurious feel when wearing. There are five colorways in total to add more diversity to the item’s style.

On the outside of its palm and fingers are multiple small and precise holes known as perforations. They wick away moisture and increase breathability, in contrast to common thinking that this material is irrespirable.

As you put it on, this product feels comfortable and matches your hand movement. The room between its fingers resists stretching since leather tends to loosen when it encounters moisture.

Its hook and loop closure is easy to adjust due to the optimal fitting build, enabling the product to fit better to your left hand regardless of its size. This nice fit will further enhance your appearance.

Apart from its main purpose of assisting you in playing golf, the left-handed glove also works well while driving and shooting. It has the right amount of grip to complete these activities.

This unit’s biggest shortcoming is that its dye may stain your hand. This problem will occur more when you play in the summer with excessive sweating. Though all colors look great, you may want to buy neutral ones to avoid tainted hands.


  • Stylish look
  • Precise perforations
  • Resists stretching
  • Optimal fit
  • Suitable for other tasks


  • Leaks colored dye

#2. Under Armour Men’s UA Golf Glove - Best For Size Variations

Though the Under Armour Men’s UA Golf Glove isn’t the most notable product, its size variations are far more diverse than many competitors.

You can either choose the left or right-handed glove with numerous sizes ranging from Small to X-Large and additional Cadet sizes.

Micro-sized perforations come in straight lines along the fingers to improve the overall ventilation for your hand inside. That’s why the item can remove sweat and dries up rapidly.

Thanks to the closure tab with a snug fit, you can avoid blistering after extended golfing hours. It may slightly stretch out after a few rounds, but the product will still deliver enough grip.

To explain why it has such a consistent grip throughout your game, it’s because the accessory includes a premium system of grasping for higher control, along with comfortable Cabretta leather.

This hand accessory’s fabric combination is polyester and extra elastane. It’s called the UA Tour Cool fabric with the ability to eliminate heat and promote a cool sensation, a significant benefit for summer matches.

Unfortunately, the Under Armour Golf Glove for Men isn’t the best nominee for durability. The seams on its palms don’t attach well and may fall apart easily, creating a large hole rather earlier than expected.


  • Versatile size list
  • Enhances ventilation
  • Blister-free fit
  • Strong grip
  • Boosts inner cooling


  • Loose palm seams

#3. FINGER TEN Men’s Golf Glove - Best For All Weather

If you’re searching for support for daily training in all-weather, FINGER TEN Men’s Golf Glove would be the ideal choice. This 3D mesh glove delivers a brilliant performance to solve your moisture problems.

Its design is flexible and breathable because of the in-between finger holes. People who perspire intensely under hot weather will benefit from wearing this item, as your session can run smoothly without slippery hands.

Not only does the item hold great ventilation for all weather, but it also provides grip to tackle wet conditions. It dries quickly after being soaked for the comfort you need to play golf.

Besides, you should understand the unit’s quantity and hand orientation to avoid making mistakes in purchasing. This product for golf support has been clearly noted as being sold in a single piece for right-handed golfers to wear on their left hands.

Every product from this brand will arrive at your door in a well-packed good condition. Each package contains double-layered protection of a small bag and another paper package on the outside.

As the Men’s Golf Glove by FINGER TEN isn’t manufactured with leather, you should be aware of its attraction to fiberglass. Such tiny pieces appear a lot near rakes and flag poles. If they invade too deep into the glove, your hand may feel itchy and a little swollen.


  • All-weather use
  • Prevents slippage
  • High breathability
  • Double packaging


  • Attracts fiberglass

#4. TaylorMade Men’s Flex Golf Glove - Best For Flexibility

The reason why TaylorMade Men’s Flex Golf Glove possesses high flexibility relates to its mixed material. Besides soft Cabretta leather is the 4-way stretchable nylon to help you flex to a suitable extent.

There are different hand sizes available for the item, but they all ensure that you’ll experience a snug fit. Its contoured wrist band also wraps tightly but comfortably around your wrist.

While most golfers worry about getting blisters and sore spots after hours of practicing, this glove would be an optimal solution for great comfort. Its thickness protects your hand skin yet still delivers enough sensitivity for you to feel the shaft club.

Leather perforations that boost airflows are strategically located on the item’s palm and fingers. It means your hand will undergo an enhanced ventilation level to wick away inner moisture like rain or sweat.

Contrary to the beneficial features, this flexible TaylorMade Golf Glove’s material is thinner than that of other nominees on this list. This issue leads to its easy ripping, gradually leaving torn sections after a few rounds.


  • Stretchable flexibility
  • Snug fit
  • Skin protection
  • Effective airflows


  • Tends to tear

#5. FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove - Best For Grip

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove with its leather material can increase your feel for improved performance. Moreover, it offers an excellent grip ability in key stress parts to enable a better grasp.

Since there are exclusive fibers called FiberSof on the accessory's palm and back area, it’s likely to fit your hand with consistent comfort. Its soft leather thumb focuses on bringing you a pleasant experience with enough support to play golf.

The PowerNet mesh inserts of these master grip golf gloves consist of comfortable and breathable dual layers for training on hot days. This mesh allows you to have more flexible movement while wearing them as well.

Unlike other ordinary hook and loop closures, the hand accessory enables a high security level with the tab closing but remains freely adjustable. That way, its fitting will become reliable throughout multiple rounds.

You should understand that this brand only provides the men’s gloves in a pack of one, so photos showing 2 of them is rather misleading. Also, there’s no ball marker for this purchase, as many online product descriptions state.


  • Smart grip
  • Comfortable fit
  • Breathable mesh
  • Secure and adjustable closure


  • Improvable description

#6. FootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove - Best With Attachment

On this review list, FootJoy RainGrip Golf Glove is one of the rare products that comes in pairs with an attachment at a reasonable price. You should bring its ball marker alongside this golf glove for better accuracy in training.

In terms of breathability for daily wear, the back of its fingers is engineered with the QuikDry II knit design, allowing much room for ventilation. It’s effective in enabling the unit to dry up quickly.

The knitted auto suede material around its palm works to enhance a tighter grip, even in wet conditions where things get slippery. Its conformity to your hand and the shaft club makes sure you’re in full control of the game.

Despite having a series of size variations for one model from Cadet Small to XX-Large, the product still provides a precise fit. This quality is due to its ComforTab closure’s strategic position that has been angled for comfort without stress.

This specific type of rain glove performs better than winter ones as it doesn’t affect your grip. Furthermore, it can keep your hand warmer in cold mornings and prevent rain penetration.

However, its measurements may disappoint you for the serious lack of precision. The sizes may not follow the standard measurements, such as it being too small for the average XX-Large. However, the rewards are heavenly once you find your perfectly fitted size.


  • A ball marker included
  • Quick-drying
  • Powerful grip
  • Smart closure
  • Provides warmth


  • Not follow standard sizing

#7. KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Men’s Golf Gloves - Best Value For Money

In case you wonder which item is the best leather glove, KIRKLAND Signature Men’s Golf Gloves should be the first name that comes to your mind. It’s the left glove for right-handed users, and there are 3 items in one purchase.

Each unit can give out an exceptional amount of grip and moisture resistance simultaneously so your hand won’t slip out of the club. The finger perforations are quite large to develop uninterrupted ventilation.

At first glance, you will notice that this item has a soft leather material to promote better comfort and adjustability for golfers. However, it is more durable over time than you expect.

Although the item’s sizing options aren’t as diverse as other opponents, its closure tab works to enable a perfect fit. There are only slight differences between its sizes, so measure your hand with high precision for the right choice.

Considering its 3-pack purchase together with an additional ball marker, the Signature Golf Gloves by KIRKLAND for men are indeed a bargain. This set offers a large quantity plus a support tool, all of which come at a low price.

This problem doesn’t happen to all users, but you should watch out for rashing when wearing this left-handed accessory. Its interior may not be blister-free to prevent sore spots from occurring on your hand.


  • 3-pack purchase
  • Incredible grip
  • Durable material
  • Perfect fit
  • Cheap bundle


  • Not rash-free

#8. MG Men’s DynaGrip Golf Glove - Best For Professional Golfers

All-leather MG Men’s DynaGrip Golf Glove is a best-seller golf accessory with more than 10 million products sold until now. Its core value that matches the most professional touring performance is difficult to defeat.

The men’s glove has claimed victory for reputable golfers in some PGA Tour events, which explains why so many people are interested in getting it to support and improve their training sessions.

Its eye-catching high-fashion look is a combination of exclusive craftsmanship. You can see each detailed stitching and the edge trim that’s been well-tailored. No other inferior material besides premium leather is added to create this item.

A superb tanning procedure forms the soft, adhesive exterior. This finish works in harmony with an extra moisture-proof ability to ensure you have a proper DynaGrip of the club for golfing during hot days.

If the unit ever absorbs moisture in use, it already has a lightning-fast quick-drying feature to restore the comfort you should always experience inside. It also delivers an overall soft feel coming from its hand-hugging precise fit.

In some cases, certain batches of the MG DynaGrip Glove have weirdly long fingers that are hard to put on properly. They may turn out ¼ to ⅜ inches longer than other items of the same size.


  • Tour-grade
  • Award-winning
  • Tacky finish
  • Dries up quickly
  • Soft comfort


  • Weirdly long fingers occasionally

What to Know When Buying Golf Gloves?

1. What hand do you wear a golf glove on?

Some golfers enjoy wearing 2 pieces at once, and others who fancy playing with bare hands. Regardless, it’s traditionally recommended to put one glove on your lead hand for golfing.

That’s why a majority of brands produce left gloves for right-handed people and right ones for lefties. You should know your preferred hand from the beginning and carefully check the product description to get the right accessory.

However, don’t freak out when you accidentally buy the wrong product and cannot return it. Here’s a trick: If you turn a left-handed glove inside out it fits into the other hand like you initially want.

2. Why might a golfer want to wear a glove?

Many golfers wish to wear a glove for the same reason as other sports players: to improve the grip. Its friction prevents slippery fingers; therefore, it’s an effective solution for holding onto the shaft club more firmly.

Moreover, most people equip top quality golf gloves to eliminate the risks of blisters and calluses after long training hours. These wounds can be so painful and bothersome that they might affect your play. This item minimizes the damages on your hands.

So why don’t all golfers wear them on both hands to ensure they’re fully secured? Your lead hand is the responsible side for most club hanging; thus, it will need as much protection as possible, while the other does not.

3. How to properly clean a golf glove?

Most golf gloves are manufactured from soft leather, which is prone to damages in the washing machine. Consequently, the best way to clean a leather item and preserve it well is to hand wash it.

It’s advisable to prepare a bucket of cold water with extra dish detergent. Place the unit on your hand and gently apply scrubbing pressure on it to eliminate any unwanted stains on the surface.

After the product has met your requirements of cleanliness, rinse it off directly in cold water from the tap. Remember to remove all leftover soap to avoid drying out this leather material later on.

The last step is to let it dry in fresh air for several hours. To prevent shrinkage, you should put it on your hand and shape it back to the initial state. A couple more hours of air dry to go, and you can continue to bring this freshly cleaned accessory to the course.

4. Testing Protocol & Criteria Used for Elevation.

Criteria 1: Comfort

A basic standard to evaluate a golf glove is whether it brings enough comfort. Some items are so premium that you may not even feel like they are there. This sensation should appear from day one when you first receive the package.

Criteria 2: Grip

Golfers wear gloves to increase the grip rate since grip is essential in developing successful long shots. In case you put it on, and the club becomes more slippery, it’s a product of low-quality.

Criteria 3: Durability

Though most gloves aren’t pricey, it’s still ideal to buy products that last longer than a few plays. It shouldn’t show any signs of wearing and tearing with visible holes only after several warm up rounds.

Always think twice before purchasing an economical-friendly unit since it may last much shorter than expected. The replacement expenses afterward can cost you more than its original price.

Criteria 4: Technology

Many brands choose to remain the simple and traditional design for their golfing hand gloves with no technology added. Still, some items contain advancements like space-age fabrics to enhance their overall fit and comfort.

Criteria 5: Fit

Knowing your hand size in advance is highly convenient for online shopping for these bundles. Nonetheless, sometimes, you can’t avoid buying gloves online that don’t fit precisely to your hand.

The size chart is supposed to be universal across different brands of golf gloves. As a result, checking out on the product’s fit rating will reveal how well your desired glove matches these measurements.

You should notice the packaging to try it on beforehand. Ideally, glove sizes of every manufacturer will maintain their consistency. Either a tight or loose hand accessory can be unnecessarily distracting for your golfing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cadet size of a golf glove?

The Cadet size of a glove is designed for male golfers whose fingers are slightly shorter than average. For example, the glove’s Cadet large size option usually fit a large palm and short fingers.

If you compare a Medium/Large glove to a Medium/Large Cadet one, the latter will have shorter fingers. You should always carefully consult the provided size chart that comes with each item for accuracy.

What is the best golf glove material?

Soft Cabretta leather is always the go-to material primarily added to making gloves for golfing by the best glove brands. Besides being soft, it has a tacky finish for fine grip and great durability to be used in the long run.

Most leather golf gloves develop a comfortable fit that conforms well to your hand and still adjustable to ensure the flexibility you need. This premium material also provides a fashionable look for its users.


If you purchase from one of these reliable brands, the item will become a game-changing factor to elevate your play.

The finest choice for all-weather applications is FINGER TEN Men’s Golf Glove. Its anti-slip surface and effective ventilation is what you should wear both on hot and rainy days.

Hope you can find a helpful accessory in this article about the best golf gloves. Thank you for reading.


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