8 Best Golf Grips That Are Top-rated And Affordable

If you are a newbie at golf, you will likely want to make a great beginning with one of the best golf grips.

This accessory might seem like an overlooked part of your fancy set of golf clubs since golfers usually pay attention to the ball swap, golf shafts, or their overall outfits.

Yet, the grips are more crucial than you realize. It is the only touching point between your hands and the golf club, making it vital to create perfectly consistent swings.

The golf grip is often made of familiar materials such as rubber (lightweight and cheap), polymer (durable), and leather (high-end, holding comfortably) to increase friction between your hands and the golf club.

If your grips are getting thinner quickly, now is the time to look for a new, better one.

Since there were thousands of types of grips available on the market at different prices, there seems to be many confusions over what are the best golf grips and where to buy them.

Before deciding to pick up any grip for your club set, following 4 factors are important to consider:

  • Grip size: Grips often come with the 4 most common sizes that suit players’ hands, including junior, undersize, midsize, and oversize (jumbo).
  • Grip material: Rubber, cord are the most common materials used to make golf grips, while leather is no longer used much due to its expensiveness and lower durability.
  • Grip shape: The grip’s shape plays a big role in offering a good level of responsiveness to the hands. Round, ripper, and square putter grip are the most common shapes today.
  • Grip weight: Counterbalance options are available when it comes to modern grips . It allows the golfers to adjust the grip’s weight until they find it perfect to feel the club in their hands.

We are gathering these 8 top-rated best golf grips for sale that are well-made and affordable to buy in 2021.

#1. Golf Pride Tour Wrap 2G Golf Grip - Best value for the money

Golf Pride has constantly been leading the world-standard golf grip industry for the last 6 decades.

More than 85% of professional golfers on all world-class tours worldwide have chosen this type of grip.

Their products are well-known for their latest innovative technologies that are highly functional to create the best swings. Golf Pride Tour Wrap Golf Grip is one of the best-seller Golf Pride Grips.

The grip is made of advanced rubber blended cord materials that give players a perfect all-weather performance while preventing the hands from the wetness.

ALIGN Technology provides a consistent hand placement during the swing. The grips perfectly give a proper tackiness to the touch that is helpful to feel your hands while holding on to the club. According to the manufacturer, the grip’s lifespan can expand up to 60 rounds.


  • A big support to move arms and wrists unrestrictedly
  • Little pressure to hold the club
  • Complete grip kit for at home easy installation
  • Available 4 different colors
  • 2 size options
  • Lightweight, tacky, and soft rubber grips
  • Affordable retail price


  • Middle level of moisture control
  • Being unusable under any wet weather condition

#2. Karma Velour 13 Piece Golf Grips - Best for the budget

You do not have to spend tons of money, especially for your first try with these affordable Karma Velour grips.

The grips are made of rubber with simple classic texture designs all over that are very popular throughout the industry. It comes with a set of 13 pieces, making it a good option for your budget.

Besides providing standard-sizes, the grips also come with undersize and jumbo sizes, giving golfers more chances to pick the most suitable one.

The grip’s versatile design makes your hands feel stable while holding up the club.

The grip gives the golfer a commendable comfortability level during the swing while still ensuring a good feel to the touch of hands and the club. It helps improve the speed of your swings effectively.


  • Most affordable
  • Easy-to-install, new grip at home
  • Solid feel for midsize hands
  • Complete kit to regrip
  • Anti-slippery feature
  • Available in 4 different colors


  • Not suitable in hot climates
  • Middle level of tackiness

#3. Karma Velour Black Standard 13 Piece Golf Grip Bundle - Best for your first try

This version of Karma Velour Velvet Grips is one of the most popular grips that utilize a familiar and proven grip pattern on its outer surface.

Just like other Karma Velour grips, this grip always makes you feel excellent for its super affordable price.

Due to its advanced rubber material, the grip gives a great tackiness and exceptional comfortability.

The bundle of 13 grips are reasonable, both in expense and number of items, making it the best choice for your first try.

With a good moisture-wicking capability, it can free up your hands from sweat and wetness. These rubber grips can work well in any weather condition.


  • Easy to install with the complete regrip kit enclosed
  • Effortless to clean with usual light soap liquids or warm water
  • Available in undersize and extra jumbo size
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Great value for the price


  • Short lifespan of 35 rounds
  • May leak black stain

#4. Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound Grip – Best top-rated golf grips

If you are looking for one of the best top-rated golf grips, let's experience this innovative multi-material design of Golf Pride MCC New Decade MultiCompound Grip.

The design features the combination of exclusive black-velvet cord and rubber that caters to the bottom and top hand for an improved overall performance.

While the high-quality rubber gives superb comfort and good responsiveness for the lower hands, the black velvet cord delivers a firm, consistent, and all-weather control for the upper hands.

One of the best things you may notice about this grip is that it shows no signs of wear-and-tear after playing several golf rounds consecutively.

In general, Golf Pride will never disappoint you with these high-performance, excellent quality and fashionable grips.


  • 5 energetic color options provided
  • Available in jumbo size and undersize
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent level of moisture-wicking and sweat-absorption
  • High durability and tackiness


  • Regrip kits not included
  • Strong chemical smell upon unpackaging

#5. SuperStroke Slim 3.0 Putter Golf Grip - Best oversize golf grip for stroke

SuperStroke appears exceptional on the market for its revolutionary putter grip. And Jordan Spieth was one of the earliest fans of this grip that contributed to his success on the greens.

According to our research, more than 125 professional golfers worldwide have decided to add SuperStroke grips to their clubs sets, making it one of the best oversize golf grips for many good reasons.

Firstly, SuperStroke grips come with a particular oversized design that assists in feeling more comfortable and eliminating your wrist actions. As a result, it helps to promote a more consistent stroke.

This smart design will distribute the pressure between the left and right hands for a better stroke. This type of unusual large grips can be a suitable option for  those who prefer modern and unique styles.

Finally, these nice and soft grips bring up a good tackiness that gives golfers more control over their hands while also allowing the hands to relax.


  • Relieves tension in the wrists and fingers
  • Creates smoother and repeatable strokes
  • Provides 6 fashionable colors
  • USGA approved
  • Easy installation


  • Not compatible with sweaty hands

#6. Winn Dri-Tac Standard Grip Kit 13-Piece – Best for all-weather grips

This Winn Dri-Tac Grip is one of the tackiest grips in the market. This version is made of innovative WinnDry polymer materials with scientifically-engineered tread patterns to deliver a non-slip, tacky, and all-weather playability.

It promotes full control over the club during the swing. The WinnLite technology reduces over half of the grip's weight, making it one of the best lightweight grips to enhance your hands’ feel during the swing.

With this smart, soft, and sturdy design, the grip improves a good level of responsiveness. This characteristic is one of the potential top gears for your fancy club set. The grips kit contains 13 grips and a complete regrip kit.

The reason why this Winn Dri-tac is one of the best all-weather golf grips is due to its WinnDry polymer material that enhances the effortless friction in humid and wet conditions.

In addition to the functions, this grip has a super stylish look with X-marks and hexagons texture patterns presenting all over the outer surface.


  • Good values for your money
  • Easy installation
  • Amazing tackiness and softness
  • Unarguable one of the best all-weather grip


  • Limited colors provided

#7. Winn Dritac Wrap Standard Golf Grips – Best for shock-absorption

Never look at its origin from China to judge; this Winn Dritac grip has received a lot of positive feedback from customers over time.

The Winn brand has been the pioneer of polymer grips as they produced multiple advanced polymer compounds that are exceptionally non-slip in all-weather conditions.

These materials are excellent to achieve a good level of firmness, surface textures, and lightweight that suit all types of golfers.

The grips are wrapped in a classic wrap-style design that is minimal and delicate. The Winn grips often provide high-performance durability, comfortability, and proper shock-absorption.

You can feel this Winn Dri-Tac grip extremely cushioned, sticky and comfortable while holding.

This is due to its slightly thicker polymer grip layer that provides exceptional shock absorption benefits for the pain-free game.

However, the downside of the grip may wear faster than other grips in the wet and humid weather, therefore it is better to use in dry playing conditions.


  • Excellent water-resistance
  • Good spiral wrap designs provide a glove-less feel to your hands
  • Great shock-absorption
  • Featuring comfortable tackiness


  • Limited colors provided

#8. Lamkin Crossline Standard 0.580 Golf Grips - Best golf grips for irons

The excellent swing requires an excellent-performance grip, and this Lamkin Crossline Standard golf grip has been one of the most popular perfecting golf grips since 1925.

The grip is made of Lamkin Crossline M2 rubber compounds that are highly tacky and durable during the swing.

Its distinctive, recognizable pattern plays a big role in reducing torque while increasing hand traction for the performance. The Lamkin grips are also non-slip and water-resistant in all-weather conditions.

For many decades, the Lamkin's grips have been the top-selling grip for irons due to their unmistakable performance. The grips perfectly suit all kinds of golfers.

If you are consistently getting hand-fatigue from swinging the golf club, then this Lamkin CrossLine grip is perfect for you. It features the excellent softness and lightweight level to all kinds of golfers.

This distinctive high traction design is to ensure a great performance and control during the swinging of the club.

Its durable synthetic rubber makes the grip more long-lasting. Overall, this is one of the best choices for your irons.


  • Available in standard-size, oversize (jumbo), and ladies-size models
  • Lightweight and softness
  • Excellent level of tackiness
  • Good value for the money


  • Golf grip tape not included
  • Medium level of firmness

Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Evaluation

Criteria #1: Tackiness

Tackiness is the most important criteria when looking for good-graded grips because this is a reason why golfers need them.

The grip is designed to provide a surface that adheres to the palm, promoting the perfect response and feel for golfers when they swing.

As a result, the players can hold the club well and more stably in their hands to perform a better swing.

However, it does not mean you need to look for the stickiest grip, but rather find ones that fit your hands better compared to others.

Criteria #2: Durability

Many golfers have been questioning how long does a grip last?

The actual life of the grip will depend on how you use it, how often you use it, and well you store these accessories at home or during your golf time.

According to the manufacturers’ instructions, it is recommended to change the grip every 40 rounds or after one year of use.

By the time for an upgrade, many new advanced versions of grips have been developed and made of softer materials, which increase their expiration date.

As a result, the golf accessories still respond well after tens of rounds and hundreds of swings. However, the golfers should think about replacing their grips whenever they become slippery and loosing.

Criteria #3: Performance

The performance of grips is not something tangible to judge. It depends on how each golfer responds and feels about it while holding.

Some players with small hands may be fans of tacky and lightweight grips that make them feel comfortable to swing.

Others may love the firm and solid grips to have a better speed-focused and stronger swing.

Criteria #4: Material Quality

This criteria plays a big role in how durable and well-performed the golf club grips are. There are some types of most common materials used to manufacture grips as below:


This material is the most common, low-priced, and lightweight material, thus, well-liked by many professional golfers due to its high level of tackiness and good elasticity.

The material provides a tacky feel; therefore, many grips contain at least a specific amount of rubber in them. Rubber grips can work well in any weather condition.


There are some types of grips that contain leather strips that wrap around. But leather is often low at moisture-wicking, as a result, not quite easy to maintain and uncomfortable to hold.

Leather gives a traditional and flashy look. It provides players a good mix of softness and tackiness. Yet, it may lack durability, is expensive, and does not work well in the rain.

For these reasons, leather grips have fallen out of favor with many professional golfers.


If you are searching for a soft and moisture-wicking material, synthetic is your best choice.

It features a high level of sweat-absorption and odor-resistance, making it a good option for hot weather conditions. However, the material will not work well in the rain.


The best golf grips have been constantly improved with a variety of lightweight and softer designs.

The hybrid material often combines synthetic, textile fabrics, and rubber, enhancing the best durability, comfortability, and softness.

These hybrid grips also provide a good moisture-wicking level, which is essential for golfers with sweaty hands.

This material combination is also a better option for golfers with small hands rather than other solid materials.

Criteria #5: Softness

Finally, softness is crucial in making the players feel satisfied during the swing. In addition to tackiness, the grip also needs to give a soft and comfortable feel while holding.

However, many professional golfers often demand a more rigid and firmer grip that effectively controls their speed. High-speed swings usually require a solid grip to perform well.


1. How often should I regrip my clubs?

Regardless of the rule of “change every 40 rounds,” the golfers should consider to replace your golf club grips whenever they display signs of slippery, complete loss of tack, cracks, or faded spots that have painted logos or painted texts. 2

Worn-out grips often lead to excessive tension and pressure while holding on to the club, making golf players feel exhausted quickly.

2. What are the best golf grips for sweaty hands?

The most suitable material of grip for sweaty hands should blend with advanced cotton fabrics that provide a good moisture-wicking feature.

This quality also improves the durability and tackiness of the grip under hot weather conditions while producing more powerful swings.

3. What are the best golf grips for small hands?

The undersize grip usually works perfect for the golfers with small hands well. If it still doesn't work well for you, let's ask for a customized grip for a personalized fit.

The second thing is to look for a grip that offers a non-slip surface, all-weather performance, and proper cushioning. These features will strengthen the wrist actions for golfers with small hands. 

4. What are the best jumbo golf grips?

Oversize grips are available for all kinds of golf grips for sale on the market. They are often made of soft and smooth textures and provide a proper shock-absorption feature, perfect for golfers with big hands.

The grip requires a stable construction that promotes consistent swings. It should have smart designs to prevent players from hand-fatigue and allow them to play longer without pain.

5. How do I regrip my golf clubs?

There is nothing to worry about when you have to regrip your golf club yourself at home. First of all, you need to create your workstation before starting to regrip the club.

This initial preparation is very important because there will be messes and trashes that are discharged around while removing old grips. Here are some essential steps:

  • Step 1: Cut off the old grip (often by a knife).
  • Step 2: Thoroughly scrape old grip tape across the entire golf shaft.
  • Step 3: Stick the new grip tape (adjustable depending on your hand’s size).
  • Step 4: Carefully install the new grip.
  • Step 5: Clean up and wait for the grip to dry.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the best grip for your golf club is an essential part of winning over tough competitors.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying grips is comfortability, durability, and maintenance, contributing to prolonging the grips’ serving life.

Old, poor-quality, or worn-out golf club grips may cause your hands to slip during the swing, making inconsistent wrists through the putting stroke.

If you wonder what are the best golf grips to stick to, we hope this article above is helpful to you.

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