List Of Best 8 Golf Mats With Complete Buying Guide

Practice makes perfect, but not everyone can afford to practice golf day by day at a costly golf course. The amount of effort spent on transporting and putting on proper golf clothes is exhausting for some, too. That’s why you can’t go wrong with the best golf mat to use indoors.

It’s not uncommon to be shy about your amateur performance and wish not to be seen in public. Now you can practice playing golf with comfort and privacy, thanks to the best golf pads with realistic material and color that guarantee to improve your game.

We hope this article will get you ready for the real matches!

#1. Rukket Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack - Best For Variety Of Lies

With any sport, you need to be ready for any circumstances and give the best performance to master your game.

For golfers who are into experimenting with different styles, Rukket’s Tri-Turf Golf Hitting Mat Attack’s biggest advantage is the variety of lies, including fairway, rough, and tee lies that prepare users for any shots on the course.

With an extra-thick rubber base, this golf practice mat stays firmly on the ground; it is surely not your traditional slippery mats.

The mat can be set up in various conditions, regardless of indoor or outdoor, allowing you to practice all year round without worrying about the weather or finding the suitable ground to put on.

Portability and convenience are also its plus points since it only takes seconds to be set up, making it remarkably handy if you want to practice golf anywhere away from home.

If you worry about not having enough space to swing, don’t, as each “third” of this mat is large enough to take a shot comfortably.

Buying Rukket’s mat can be considered a no-risk purchase because customers also receive a lifetime warranty to replace parts and receive advice from a diligent customer service crew based in the USA.

However, contrary to the company’s guarantee of this mat being highly durable, it can rip into two layers rather easily after some time, although the grass surface shows no sign of wear.


  • Stays in place
  • Portable
  • Various lies


  • Not durable

#2. Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat - Best For Thick Base

One of the most important elements of golf practice mats is how much your gear can simulate the real experience. This Callaway FT Launch Zone golf mat provides a true-turf hitting surface that looks and feels exactly like a real fairway.

Buy this mat, and you also get a high-quality patented universal tee holder; it holds any golf tee and helps complete your kit.

Callaway’s mat is constructed with high-quality material, guaranteeing resistance and durability for long-term use. The pigment on the turf stays on well and doesn't smear on the club.

An ultra-durable rubber base prevents the mat from sliding at strong force, thus assuring the floor underneath doesn't get scratched. It also offers extra protection so that any unwanted impact from your club will not leave marks on the mat.

This best-selling mat comes in two sizes, namely 8” x 6” or 1” x 2”, based on the increasing demand. You can get yours in the desired version based on your liking.

On the other hand, there are several complaints about the mat being too thick. It places the ball to a higher level than your feet, something you need to get used to in playing golf in real life because the golf course ground naturally isn't flat.

Moreover, the tee holder is rather not durable and breaks in half after only a few weeks of use.


  • Simulates real experience with the thick base
  • Stylish design
  • Durable color
  • Free tee holder


  • Not durable tee holder

#3. Truedays Golf Mat - Best For Bright Color

Unlike other golf mats with the serious dark-colored turf, this Truedays golf mat stands out with a woven nylon turf that offers an appealing and bright appearance.

It is a great match in color when you are playing outdoors and a cheerful piece to add style to your indoor routine. This feature is suitable for those who prefer a refreshing touch of color while doing sports.

The look is completed with synthetic grass that gives out a realistic appearance. Besides, when you swing, the mat gives a real feeling like playing on the golf course.

The duty non-skid rubber back allows the product to stay put on the ground. You also receive a free rubber tee holder after purchasing the mat. It is multi-function and is perfect for your golf match.

One more big plus of the mat is the low price, so the mentioned qualities exceed customers’ expectations.

There is, however, a notable problem with the mat for its lack of flexibility and convenience although it takes a minute or two to set up.

It is rolled up when delivered to users. Buyers are recommended to place something flat and heavy on it for some time until it is flat.

Another disadvantage is that the mat moves slightly on impact, but most customers feel comfortable with this because it is satisfactory for medium and amateur-level players.


  • Bright color
  • Cheap
  • Free multi-function tee holder


  • Not flexible
  • Not stable

#4. DURA-PRO Commercial Golf Mat Premium Turf - Best For Bonus Items

DURA-PRO’s product outweighs competitors with its reputation; it is known from the Golf Channel TV for being highly favored among golf courses and schools nationally.

It seems like you have a huge combo purchasing this commercial golf mat because it comes with a tray to keep all your rubber tees in place, 2 pre-punched holes, and of course, 3 free rubber tees: one 2 ¼ tee for fairway woods, one 3″ tee for drivers, and one adjustable wood tee holder.

The portable turf and rubber mat are suitable for players from multiple levels; no matter if you are an entry-level or a pro golfer, the DURA-PRO golf mat provides an excellent quality padding to support your practice.

The mat is made completely of nylon 3D turf fibers and is 30% denser than the standard range mats, allowing it to absorb strong impact from the club.

Thanks to high-quality material, it lays flat after being unboxed. For those worried about physical damage while practicing, this product protects your wrists and elbows, guaranteeing a comfortable experience.

A commercial Urethane stabilizing layer is thermally bonded to the turf and base pad; thus, it has excellent resistance against all weather and 8-year protection from UV light. It stays durable despite tearing, fading, or curling, allowing customers to perfect their game comfortably.

Everyone loves the elite feel of playing golf, but not all can afford that luxury, so DURA-PRO gives you the luxurious country club training session at a much more reasonable price.

Despite all those wonderful features, the placement of the pre-punched holes for rubber tees holders can be uncomfortable for players since it is standard to place the tees near the corners to allow a proper shot.


  • Reputation
  • Free tray and rubber tees
  • Pre-punched holes 
  • Thermally bonded


  • Incorrect placement of pre-punched holes

#5. Champkey PRO Tri-turf Golf Hitting Mat - Best Rubber Backing

Most of the time, the golf mat’s rubber base is only expected to be the unnoticed part that only helps with functioning. But for this Champkey PRO tri-turf golf mat, the rubber base is the number one element that highlights the product both in look and function.

This product has a heavy-duty rubber base that keeps the mat in place from all the driving and swing. Moreover, resistance to wear and tear is assured thanks to the ultra-durable construction.

Especially, the rubber goes all around and protects the edges of the mat. Traditional mats don’t have this feature, which results in the turf being dislodged from the base. The base does not exude any chemical smell, which gives you the most pleasant experience practicing your game.

The mat comes with three kinds of turf, namely rough turf for chipping, fairway turf for swing, and tee turf for driving. This variety enables users from all skill levels to train.

It also provides huge efficiency since you can spare your lawn when playing out in the yard and have an authentic feeling when practicing indoors at the same time.

Champkey also guarantees a risk-free purchase. If you have any problem with the product, you can contact the brand with no hesitation to receive 100% of your money back.

The biggest minus we have observed from this golf pad is the lack of durability. The components start to separate after less than a month of use.


  • Heavy-duty rubber backing
  • Neutral smelling base
  • Suitable for all skill levels


  • Lack durability

#6. Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mats - Best Realistic Feel

Most people worry about practicing with gold pads because the club and the mat might cause damage to each other. The worst case is when the club gets green residue from the mat, and the mat gets scratches from the club.

This incident won’t happen when you use a Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mats, as it allows you to hit down on the mat and receive solid feedback.

This mat provides a grass-like experience because when hitting on it with your club, you feel a chunk, not the bouncing effect that you usually get from most mats. That is how great it simulates the feel of real grass on a golf course.

The mat has a great turf depth of about one inch with a supportive layer around one and a half inches. Thanks to that, it is claimed to be the first mat to take a real tee and allow you to feel like hitting from natural turf.

However, the product is a little bit pricey for a golf mat. Still, most customers don’t have any serious issue about it since it provides good quality and lets users hit quality balls of their liking with the magic simulation of real turf.


  • Can hit down the mat with no damage
  • Real experience
  • Take a real tee


  • Expensive

#7. All Turf Mats Emerald Par Golf Mat - Best Material

Most customers expect their golf driving range mats to be affordable but still have the best quality, and Emerald Par Golf Mat satisfies those needs.

This mat is made with durable nylon turf that helps it stay new after several times hitting. A thick foam backing stabilizes the mat after every shot, so users don’t need to worry about taking a swing with full force.

The mat is also suitable for various grounds such as concrete or patios, allowing players to practice their game anywhere they want.

One huge minus point is the mat doesn’t last well; customers complain that it wears out or bubbles up after no longer than 4 months of use.


  • Made from durable nylon
  • Thick foam backing
  • Suitable for various grounds


  • Not durable

#8. Champkey Premium Turf Golf Hitting Mat - Best Smart Alignment Guide

Stylish design and stable structure are the two main factors that every customer expects in their products. Again, Champkey didn’t disappoint users since this Premium Turf Golf Mat impresses them with a durable rubber backing and a sturdy and fancy look. 

Moreover, this rubber back covers around the mat, preventing the synthetic turf from smearing the color or being dislodged from the base. Players can get comfortable hitting the tee and ensuring that their mat stays put and provides admirable shock absorption.

This mat stands out from others by having the white line known as a smart alignment guide to help you find the right placement for your clubs and shots. It is a really helpful feature for all skill levels.

Champkey customers also have the benefit of getting a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 30 days. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the brand’s customer service center.

One problem with this product is its durability. Unlike the expectation that the grass stays attached to its base, the rubber cover starts falling apart after a short time of use, leaving the grass unglued.


  • Durable rubber backing
  • Smart alignment guide
  • 30 days satisfaction guarantee


  • Lack of durability

Best Golf Mat Buying Guide

Here are several factors to consider to get the ideal golf mat and perfect your game. Size, material, functionality, and budget are the 4 main categories to consider when comparing golf mat products.

Mind The Size

Size is critical, especially when practicing indoors because your house might have limited space available. Keep in mind that larger golf driving range mats are often more expensive, so choose the right size carefully for your practicing surface before making any purchase.

There are 3 main reasons why bigger mats are more costly:

  1. Huge mats work better in mimicking the feelings of a real golf course.
  2. A big enough mat to stand on allows you not to worry about its stability. Your body weight ensures that the mat will stay put no matter how strong your swing is.
  3. You have more space to take your shots if certain areas get weary after some time of use.

Size is vital for your experience because the mat’s size affects your every swing. Therefore, we recommend only making purchases after carefully measuring your practicing space.

Material Decides Durability

Many of the mats listed above have the common weakness of not lasting long after some time of use. As a result, don’t let good design or any other benefits deceive you, mind the turf’s material.

Determine whether it is closely mimicking real grass on a golf course, or giving an uncomfortable artificial feeling?

The base is the second most important factor; it is best when the mat has a thick, solid base, resistance to wear and tear, and durability is guaranteed.

One way to do this is to avoid cheap models costing lower than $60. How the turf and base are attached also affect whether you can get a long-term use or not.

Customer reviews are a valuable source of information for your research step. Seeing what others say about the product will help you decide more wisely. 

Functionality Contributes To Versatility

Don’t forget that golf mats are supposed to bring the realest experience of practicing golf anywhere and anytime. Thus, it is a must that the mat does its job of upgrading your level. Most of the time, this depends on the hitting surface.

When it comes to making your shot right, it is not just the quality of the turf or the backing’s material you need to consider. There are also certain models of mats that provide several different lines to hit, and each line simulates a distinct property on the golf course.

If you need a complete golf hitting skill on any type of ground, find mats that offer several different turfs to hit.

An example of this is Champkey PRO Tri-turf Golf Hitting Mat that has rough turf for chipping, fairway turf for swing, and tee turf for driving. This mat stands out for a variety of lies, and it excels in functionality for those who really want to perfect their shot on various properties.

Some players prefer to practice on just one common kind of turf, but do require the turf simulates the real feeling on a golf course. And the Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat fulfill this need thanks to its grass-like turf and a thick supportive layer.

As a result, some customers might prefer the Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mat rather than Champkey PRO Tri-turf Golf Hitting Mat, based on their requirement of the product.

All in all, golf practice mats provide all kinds of extra functionality, it is important to determine your specific need for the product to make the right purchase of your ideal mat.

Budget Plays A Role

There are several different scenarios when it comes to budget, sometimes a high price comes with a smeary turf and loose base, but sometimes mats with low cost might surprise you with real turf and resistant base.

It is important to have a grasp on your budget and your desired product type and quality to make the buying process easier and more convenient.

A low-cost mat is acceptable if you want to get a golf mat to learn basic knowledge about golf or recreation. However, if you are serious about improving your golf game, it is a must to avoid low-quality products that cost less than $60.

But this doesn’t mean that you can only get mats with sloppy quality with a low budget, many products provide excellent function that golfers need over a range of different prices.

Thus, it is necessary to take your time browsing and comparing various products to find out the ultimate mat that is affordable but functions well.

Another thing is, as mentioned before, golf practice mats come with various extra functions such as tri-turf, bonus accessories, or smart alignment guide.

You might not need all of those qualities, so it is a must to minimalize your need, and select the right product with no unnecessary features to optimize the price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best cheap golf mat?

If you feel like most golf driving range mats with satisfactory quality are out of your budget, it is totally fine if you purchase mats at a cheaper end. But after thorough research, we figure that cheap mats usually not the right choice for these reasons:

  • Cheap golf mats are dangerous: your elbows, wrists, and knees are at risk of injury when using a golf mat with no support when taking a swing.
  • Cheap golf mats don’t stimulate real golf courses: Without the true feeling when practicing, it’s harder to perform your game on a real golf course.
  • Cheap golf mats are not durable: You can save a few bucks to get a cheap mat, but after several months, you will regret it since it wears out fast.

2. Should I get a big or small golf mat?

Most of the time, larger mats give you more freedom when practicing, since it provides the real feeling of a golf course. Besides, you can stand on it and let your body weight stabilize the mat.

But if your budget is limited, a small size mat will work just fine, as long as you keep the ball in the right position not to cause damage to the mat or the club.

3. Where should I place the mat?

Most mats can be placed over several surfaces, including floor, carpet, or the ground, as long as it is flat and solid.

4. Can I leave the mat outside?

Depending on your mat’s texture and the material, you can leave it outside even on rainy days.

Mats made of high-quality rubber or solid, dense foam stays the same through summer and winter days. When not in use, you can leave it in the garage. If you accidentally leave it in the rain, hang it to drain off well.


Choosing the right golf hitting mat is quite a challenging task. But if you put in enough effort to research and acquire accurate information, you can purchase the right product to level up your golf game.

We hope this article about the 8 best golf mats will be a  valuable source for your researching step.

Overall, the Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat wins the competition to be the best golf mat with real feel turf, an excellent ultra-durable rubber base, and a free extra tee holder to complete your golf kit.


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