Best Sunglasses For Your Golf Games

Golf glasses have always been a major game-changer since golf requires the players’ excellent visions to win the game. Therefore, golfers often demand the best sunglasses for golf to offer them a great non-restricted, well-adjusted range of views.

A good pair of golf sunglasses can provide the user with many advantages; some can even be game-changing.

To help you find the right product, we have conducted a list of the top 8 best sunglasses for golf that are most popular and well-known on the market.

Each product has been looked into and will surely offer you great advantages for your games and significantly improve your golfing experience!

#1. Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses  - Best for excellent fit

If you are looking for golf sunglasses that can do the trick and provide you with the perfect outlook, the Under Armour Igniter sunglasses are the one.

Under Armour is famous for putting distinct technology in their product; and the Igniter is not an exception!

Featuring UV-resistant coating, this item offers users ArmourSight lenses, designed for supreme optical clarity and impact prevention. These lenses provide you a great vision with 60 millimeters of width and 37 millimeters of height.

What contributes to this item’s signature is its design. The brand’s exclusive Ultralight ArmourFusion frames technology offers you a great deal of sturdiness during your usage.

It presents a narrow bridge, co-model rubber nose pads, and temple arms for an anti-slip comfortable fit, creating a youthful look for users.

On the flip side, this item lacks durability and is vulnerable as it is easy to get scratches and break after about 3 or 4 months of daily usage.


  • Well fit and fashionable design
  • Clear and wide vision
  • Impact prevention


  • Lack of durability

#2. Bose Audio Sunglasses with Bluetooth Connectivity - Best for multitasking

This item is the most unique on our list, being an audio sunglasses - a pair of glasses that can produce audio. This pair is an ideal purchase if you are a technophile and avid golfer and want to enjoy your music throughout the game without having to use headphones.

These glasses feature a vintage angular look and commanding lenses, preventing 99% of UVA/UVB rays for users.

You might be concerned about the electronic parts making the sunglasses look bad, but worry not; Bose did a perfect job designing the product. You can barely notice any circuits or wirings on the product; it looks exactly like any pair of stylish sunglasses!

This item stands out for offering you built-in speakers tuned by Bose, producing rich music with surprisingly deep bass for their modest size.

Additionally, you can be aware of the surroundings while enjoying your music through the open-air audio feature, ensuring no information is missed.

Furthermore, the glasses are also packed with an uninterruptible integrated microphone, delivering crystal clear signals while calling and listening.

It is convenient to use these multitask glasses since they have Bluetooth connectivity and are compatible with iOS and Android devices. Moreover, users can easily adjust and update new features through the Bose Connect app.

Yet, these speakers have a short-lived battery and can only run for less than 3 hours.


  • Open-ear audio
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quality components
  • Bose Connect app


  • Short-lived battery

#3. Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses - Best for lenses

If you attempt to improve your ability to read greens throughout the entire round of golf, this suggestion is the one for you. The Callaway Sungear Kite golf sunglasses feature well-polarized lenses installed with bright green and blue colors to block distracting glare.

The mirrors on these lenses work perfectly to keep the course’s curve at sight and detect golf balls easily. These bright lenses can also enhance your visions’ brightness even when it is dull and fairly dark outside.

The pair of glasses offers you a great comfortable fit during usage with adjustable Megol nose pads as they will hold the position perfectly for the best UV protection.

This item can provide you with sturdiness as it can protect your eyes against the wind and UV rays. Additionally, the product comes with an extra handy case that is durable enough to ensure your glasses’ longevity.

Unfortunately, the sunglasses are available only one size; therefore, it is highly recommended to try them at the store before purchasing.


  • Bright and well-polarized lenses
  • Good wind and UV protection
  • Handy case


  • Lack of sizes

#4. Oakley Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses - Best for quality add-ons

What are the best sunglasses for golfers?”. The list of answers is absurdly long, but one of them has to be the Oakley Men's Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses. It is perfect for world-class athletes and those looking for premium quality golf glasses.

This product has a lightweight, durable design with an O Matter frame and ellipse metal accents. This XL edition provides you with enhanced lens coverage and High Definition Optics for a peripheral view in every millimeter.

The sunglasses have an 8.75 base lens curvature for perfect protection against UV rays, wind, and impact.

These lenses also offer a great balanced light transmission with Iridium lens coatings and fine-tune vision by emphasizing colors where the eyes are most sensitive to detail, owing to the Prizm lens technology.

Besides, buyers will have various style options as these glasses come with several colorful lenses and frame fronts. The product also includes quality bonuses such as a microfiber bag, a hard carrying case, and extra nose pieces.

The matte lenses can backfire, however. The glasses are prone to fog up easily in humid climates, reducing their effect. Though minor, this is rather annoying and can ruin your golf games.


  • Quality bonuses
  • Perfect lenses
  • Various lenses’ color and frame designs


  • Easy to fog up

#5. RIVBOS Polarized Sports Sunglasses - Best for budget

Don’t be fooled easily by the low price; these glasses can bring you the best experience for your golfing activity.

These polarized glasses feature durable light RIVBOS frames, enabling them to withstand pressure, wind, and UV rays perfectly.

It offers users a great chance to create their unique style with several colors and sizes, suitable for many occasions, whether they are doing sports or leisure activity.

Furthermore, the product’s package also includes many convenient extras such as a hard carrying case with strap, cleaning cloth, small pocket, a test card of polarization, and an instruction manual.

These add-ons are rarely found in even high-end products, proving the RIVBOS to be most friendly to their users’ wallets.

The affordable price range means cutting down on the material nonetheless. These glasses are not recommended for heavy-users as they wear down fast, catching scratches easily, and prone to break down after a few drops.


  • Affordable price
  • Youthful design
  • Suitable for all kinds of activities


  • Average quality material

#6. Maui Jim Ho'okipa Rectangular Sunglasses - Best for design

This product is an ideal purchase if you search for a pair of sunglasses that can offer you a great view and enhance your appearance during your games.

Its frames have a lightweight, injected nylon built for extreme comfort even during a long time of usage, along with the nose pads to ensure sturdiness.

These frames provide users flexibility with corrosion-resistant hinges, allowing the sunglasses to fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes.

Users are offered a vivid and clear image without being afraid to get glare or UV rays, thanks to the polarized Plus2 lens technology from Maui Jim.

Besides, they can witness a tranquilizing rose-tone that works perfectly in overcast conditions. These glasses are water and oil-proof, and you can clean them effortlessly in mere seconds.

The Maui Jim sunglasses have a fairly high price compared to the others on our list, yet they are a bang for your bucks.


  • Clear and vivid view
  • Anti-glare and UV-protection lenses
  • Classy look


  • High price

#7. Ray-Ban Rb2447 Fleck Round Sunglasses - Best for guarantee policies

The Ray-Ban Rb2447 sunglasses are one of the great deals that can provide you with the best experiences during your activity.

The Ray-Bans are of exceptional quality and are crafted from high-quality materials. These glasses have a super lightweight yet sturdy structure, thanks to the durable Acetate frames.

Users can have effective protection against harmful rays with the Ray-Ban lenses. These lenses are constructed in both crystals and plastics, which can be converted into polarized lenses for individual needs without any difficulty.

There is a wide range of options in style and color for all ages and genders. What creates its label is the handmade Italian design that can provide you a flourish outlook, excellent fit, and comfort while using them.

Besides, these glasses come with many beneficial warranties. Thus, customers can call for support from the producers to have their glasses repaired quickly and properly.

Although these glasses can offer users a perfect fit, they slip off easily during usage for not equipping nose pads. However, you can fix this problem by choosing a pair with a suitable size for your head. Overall, this product is worth every penny.


  • Well fit
  • Elaborate design
  • Eligible for all manufacturer warranties


  • Easy to slip off during usage

#8. Tifosi Veloce Veloce Regular Interchangeable Wrap Sunglasses - Best for comfort

This product is undeniably the best fitover sunglasses that can offer you excellent comfort at a remarkably affordable price.

These glasses feature plastics yet durable and sturdy frames. They provide users with extreme comfort while using, owing to the rubberized nose pads to hold the right position while wearing.

Coating with polycarbonate material, these grey lenses will enable you to have a clear and glare-free sight even though they are non-polarized. They are also changeable in different weathers to meet the client’s needs.

This item’s one of many bonuses is that users do not have to waste their time changing the suitable lenses in different conditions as the transitions of brightness happen immediately.

Users can have perfect protection against harmful rays at a very valuable cost with this recommendation. Since they have plastic construction, these glasses are extremely lightweight and portable.

However, some users claim that they are too tight; therefore, you should carefully consider all measurements before purchasing.


  • Excellent comfort
  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight


  • Tight fit

Do You Need Golf Sunglasses?

A quality pair of sunglasses has become an essential item for every golf game over the last couple of years. It can provide the best protection against harmful rays, avoid color distortion, and sharpen the depth perception on and around the greens.

Many golfers use their daily sunglasses during their golf games; however, these glasses have a different construction from those designed for golf matches.

Golfers need to see where they are aiming to successfully strike the golf. It means tracking the goal from far away, forcing them to look almost straight up at the intense sun.

Regular sunglasses only prevent indirect gazing partially. They are not suitable for protecting the user from constant direct look at the dangerous UV rays.

Not only for health concerns, these sunglasses can have major effects on your golf games in certain ways. How are they different?

Golf sunglasses are particularly built to reduce distortion of your sight and provide peripheral vision of the surrounding, sufficiently increasing your line of vision.

Besides, golf glasses have relaxing effects. It is proven that when wearing these sunglasses, golfers’ eyes are less tense and feel more comfortable.

This quality is thanks to the product minimizing any excessive squinting, which puts serious strains on the eyes, especially in lengthy games.

What To Look For When Buying

What type of sunglasses should I wear?”, this must be what you are wondering, so below are some details you should take note of when purchasing golf sunglasses.

Polarized or Photochromic Lenses

The most common debate among golf enthusiasts is between polarized and photochromic lenses; which is better? There is not a definitive answer as each technology has its unique strong and weak points.

It ultimately comes down to your personal preference, so you should pick out the one that satisfies your needs for the best result.


This technology mitigates the discomforting glare by reducing the color contrast between objects and the surroundings. Such an effect is more visible in a water body, which is crucial if you want to find your ball in the water.

Moreover, the lens is especially useful for people whose vision is highly sensitive to glare, keeping their eyes safe and healthy.

Unfortunately, polarized lenses are restricted to working with fixed lighting conditions, so its anti-glaring feature is only effective under certain brightness.


In contrast to polarized lenses, the photochromic variant has variable tint levels that can adjust accordingly to the light intensity, darken for bright light, and lighten as the light fades. How adaptive the lenses are makes it perfect for lengthy golf games.

Consequently, its feature has a drawback; golfers can find it difficult to get used to the constantly changing light condition.

The Design

There are countless golf sunglasses on the market with all kinds of shapes and sizes; here are some suggestions to help you assess the golf sunglasses’ aesthetic.


A flashy and colorful pair of sunglasses can look good on one person but not flattering on another and vice versa.

Avoid getting the one that other people like; the choice is yours! Try each pair of sunglasses and decide yourself which one complements your face composition the most; that is the best one for you.


Stylish golf sunglasses are good choices, but having to feel uncomfortable wearing them is not a good trade-off.

We recommend picking the ones that fit snugly on your nose and stay firmly around your ears. These requirements ensure that you can wear the sunglasses for prolonged periods without putting too much pressure on your nose and ears.

The Lenses

Lenses are an essential component of your sunglasses that can significantly affect your overall experience, and here are some points to consider when choosing your favorite ones.

Lens Quality

High-quality lenses are undoubtedly the best at offering you excellent clarity on vision and a great chance of reading green throughout your games.

Additionally, high-quality lenses will provide you with significant insight, critical in reading the course and making good contact with the golf ball.

If you are afraid of overspending, more budget-friendly lenses are available in many stores. They can also provide you with sufficient protection against harmful rays. Do not expect these to come with many features, though, as they are only meant for basic uses.

Moreover, the lenses are available in different tints, which are presented in our next section.

Specific Tints for Golf

Golf sunglasses are specifically designed to remove certain wavelengths of light, providing you with the clearest view of the course and aiding you in reading the green. It’s advisable to look for a reliable tint guide to assist in your final decision-making process.

Even though they do not support depth perception or boost contrast, green and gray lenses are the two most generic colors. They are mainly used for decreasing the excessive brightness on a sunny day.

Green lenses provide a perfect enhancement for the color balance, whereas lighter or medium grey are great choices for overcast conditions.

Yellow lenses are splendid options to boost contrast and depth perception but not suitable for reading the greens.

Red lenses can often misinterpret the colors, yet they offer good contrast and point out red and yellows in the green, a great benefit for putting.

Amber, copper, cinnamon, and brown lenses are the flawless shades for golf sunglasses. They are all highly recommended for distance vision, contrast, and depth perception. They work perfectly on fairways and putting surfaces without misinterpreting the objects’ natural colors.

Blue lenses can calm the eyes, but they are not highly rated as they decrease the contrast on green backgrounds, making it more challenging to see a golf ball on a green area.

After some in-depth testing, we concluded that the best color lenses for golf are dark colors such as gray, brown, and green. These have provided the best field-of-view for golfers, especially on large fields, almost doubling their overall performance!


The majority of lenses are manufactured with polycarbonate material to ensure these glasses’ lightweight and durability.

Stylish ones tend to use more premium material such as aluminum for a better feel in exchange for less resistance against impact.


Sunglasses mostly have a hydrophobic coating on the lenses or the frame, making them water-resistant on a good scale. Besides being water-resistant, you may also want to search for impact-resistant ones to ensure longevity in usage.


Going for sunglasses that come with a quality carrying case may be a worthwhile investment for your budget. Sunglasses, specifically used in golf games, are highly recommended to have a hard or semi-hard case for storage.

Soft microfiber cloth is also another important item since it can keep the lenses clean without causing damages.

Besides these accessories, you should take all the replacement policies for lenses and frames and the warranty conditions into investigation prior to the purchase.

Last words

We hope the 8 best golf sunglasses list will meet your needs and fully support you in your golf games. Every product above has its best features and shortcomings, so consider all information mentioned above before purchasing.

Please feel free to contact us if you want further information about these products.

Thank you for taking your time to read our reviews, and we are looking forward to seeing you in our future posts.


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