Top 6 Best Golf Swing Analyzer Reviews To Boost Your Game in 2021

The best golf swing analyzer helps you better understand your swings to make the needed adjustments without wasting your time.

There are so many reasons why you reach a plateau in the game of golf. The game can be too hard for you to get better. Work and family commitment leaves you less time to arrive at the green.

Or else you hit the balls mindlessly and don't have any idea of what's going wrong. That's where a golf shot tracker comes in. It provides you with clear metrics and valuations to know exactly your weak points in the game.

The device also offers solutions for those problems. This way, it helps you improve performance without throwing you off the trail.

Whether you want to get better at swing plane, swing speed, or tempo, there are many golf tracking systems to help you out. We've rounded them up for you in our reviews below.

Here we’ve listed 6 best golf swing analyzers on the market with their pros and cons. You can go through our buying guide to look at key factors before taking the plunge.

#1. Zepp Golf 2 Analyzer – Best for Visuals and Illustrations

If you're having the issue of inconsistency in your swing or club speed, Zepp Golf 2 swing analyzer is a great choice.

After attaching a smart sensor to your gloves, you'll be able to receive instant evaluations on your swings in terms of club speed, backswing length, club plane and tempo, and more.

Another great feature of this swing analyzer is the video capture mode, which records everything for you to review later. It captures every swing and provides statistics.

To our pleasant surprise, the app will display these pieces of information in professional and easy-to-understand graphics. This app also allows you to analyze what you were doing in 3D in 360 degrees.

On top of that, it provides you with short video lessons on how to correct your problems. This way, you can easily make improvements.

With the recommendations from this nifty device, you can build your golf swing's consistency once you know where you're doing wrong. It helps you identify any faults of your swing and improve the swing's speed as well.

Regarding the battery life, it only takes 1.5 hours per charge. Once fully charged, the battery will last up to 8 hours for your game.

Besides, this is a favorite recommendation among golf coaches. The analyzer lets you record the progress of many players, keep track of their performance and give clear illustrations of many different areas of their swings.

At such an affordable price, this golf shot tracker is a steal. It's a perfect choice for anyone new to the game or who is budget-conscious.

However, you will need to place your phone in the pocket for evaluating hip rotation. You will also need to ensure the pocket is not loose-fitting. Otherwise, you'll not be able to get accurate statistics.


  • Impressive 3D illustrations
  • Easy-to-clip sensor
  • Informative video lessons
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Immediate feedback on different aspects of your swing
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Inconvenient to track hip rotation

#2. Arccos Caddie Tracking System – Best for Club Selection

This Arccos Caddie golf swing tracker comes with up to 14 sensors, enough for every club in your bag. It's super convenient and saves you time as you don't have to switch between clubs.

The setup and installation is a breeze. Install the app to your smartphone, clip the sensor to your club, and pair it with the app. The total procedure doesn't take more than 15 minutes to complete.

Then, you're good to go. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you'll find no issues with getting used to using this swing analyzer.

Unresponsive sensor is a common deal-breaker shared by many users. However, these sensors work extremely well and consistently deliver accurate results.

The Caddie and club tracking functions work flawlessly together to bring out accurate statistics for you to have better insights on club selection for the next round.

You'll get all the details of every shot you played. This golf swing speed monitor is the next best thing to a professional golf coach.

Besides, the swing analyzer doubles as a rangefinder, helping you identify a target for each stroke.

Whether you are a newbie, immediate to pros, you can make improvement with the help of the system. With a decent amount of practice, you're sure to improve your swing and take off a few strokes.

For further analysis, you can go back in history and review any recorded round. 

The only concern we've found with this swing analyzer is that you have to rely heavily on your phone. You also have to turn the GPS, which will drain your phone power. Thus, take a power bank with you in case the phone runs out of energy.

Luckily, the sensors run on a permanent battery that should last up to five years. Therefore, there's no hassle recharging after every round.


  • 14 sensors for every club
  • Quick and stress-free installation
  • Detailed statistics of every shot
  • Doubles as rangefinder
  • Great for club selection
  • Fits all levels


  • Slightly expensive
  • Users always have to keep phone on

#3. Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer – Best for Working On Putting

This swing analyzer is a favorite of over 200 golfers and professional coaches on the GPA, European, Champions, and the like.

It's straightforward to use and works well with all players regardless of levels and skills. All you have to do is attach the sensor to the end of your club.

This nifty device is not obtrusive and pretty lightweight. Its natural motion capture will let you play without noticing anything about the device after a few swings.

You can record a video of each swing and then play it in slow motion to easily find out what area you need to improve. These recorded super slow motion golf swings also have clear metrics shown next to them on the screen.

This golf swing speed radar works pretty well on full swings. It's a useful tool if you want to fine-tune your tempo. It also helps with the backswing and downswing ratio.

Besides focusing on analyzing your full swings, this analyzer will give you instant feedback on your putting as well. After helping you figure out your weak points, it recommends strategies to help you make more perfect putts.

You can take advantage of the in-app training center, which offers you tips and approaches to step up your game by professional coaches and players on the PGA Tour.

Another nice bonus is that you can share your metrics with your friends on social media such as Facebook and Twitter with a simple click on the app.

After a couple of sessions, you'll be glad to make better swings with proper tempo and share them with the world.

The only downside with this golf swing speed radar is that it doesn't offer the range-finding abilities. However, it does its job well at analyzing your swings and putting strokes, making it a steal for its price.

Some users also have issues related to the sensor alignment.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Great for honing putting stroke
  • Unobtrusive sensor for comfortable swings
  • Drills and tips from experts


  • Doesn't offer range-finding capabilities
  • Hard to get the sensor aligned correctly

#4. SelfieGOLF Record Golf Swing – Best for Recording Golf Swings

Looking for a device to record your golf swings? You can’t go wrong with this SelfieGolf record system.

This device takes no time to set up; put it on an alignment stick and then place your phone, attach the bag clip to your golf bag for stability, especially if you are playing in the wind. Then, you’re good to go.

It fits a wide range of phone sizes and alignment sticks, so no worries about compatibility issues. The golf bag and the alignment stick work together to provide ultimate stability so that you can use the device almost on any surface and in high winds.

Besides filming your golf swings for reviewing later, you can use your phone as a mirror to look at your swing in real-time, which is nice to improve your planes.

We would appreciate it that we could record our swings both in portrait and in landscape. The phone can only record in portrait orientation. While playing it on a large TV screen, you’ll want the video to be in a landscape setting instead.

You should note that the alignment stick is not included in the package.


  • Easy to use
  • Works on any grounds and in strong winds
  • Compatible with different alignment sticks and phone sizes
  • Affordable


  • Only records in one orientation
  •  Alignment stick is not included

#5. Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer – Best for Measuring Swing Speed

Everyone knows the clubhead speed correlates with how far the balls will travel. Perhaps you're wondering how to measure golf swing speed. A golf swing speed radar will offer you a satisfying answer.

If you want to increase your swing speed and hit the balls farther, this pick is the best swing analyzer to buy.

You can use this sports sensors swing speed radar anywhere, either indoor or outdoor. It's a lightweight and nifty device that you can take to almost everywhere.

You should note that it won't correct your faulty swings but will let you know how slow or fast your swing speed is.

With a decent range of speed measurements (40MPH to 200 MPH), the sensor gives you instant feedback on your clubhead swing speed, which helps fine-tune your swing consistency.

What we were impressed with this tool is that it works without the real balls. You can swing at anything similar to the real ball to make an appropriate club swing. Whether hitting a sponge or birdie ball, you'll get evaluations to improve your swing speed.

One of the common problems among golfers is the quick tempo, meaning you release the club quite early and achieve slower swing speed. This fault translates to shorter shots.

The device also analyzes your tempo and displays your swings' timing in seconds, helping you figure out the rhythm to achieve a better speed.

Unfortunately, this tempo timing feature makes no sense to some users. They've found that this swing analyzer would better come with the swing speed feature only.

The radar will give you feedback on each of your swings and then automatically reload for the new swing. Some people don’t seem like this feature and wish to have the ability to review all of their data later.


  • Accurate swing speed feedback
  • Can work without actual balls
  • Affordable
  • Highly portable


  • Tempo timer doesn't help much
  • Doesn't memorize swing evaluations

#6. Game Golf Pro Swing Smart Sensor – Best for Evaluating Shot Distances

With one of the industry's most robust sensors, the Game Golf system is among the most advanced swing analyzers on the market. The sensors give you immediate feedback on every shot hands-free.

So what this golf shot tracker can do for you? It shows where you can improve in the game by analyzing different metrics such as putting, drives and approaches. The sensor is incredibly accurate with shot distancing, giving you reliable results to base on for improvement.

We find this version of the Game Golf system is super convenient to use; turn on the sensor system and swing the club. Then all your shots, club swings, and distances are automatically recorded.

You will get feedback once you activate the Game Golf app on your phone or computer, meaning that you do need to carry a phone at all times. There's nothing to disturb you and your game.

Just like other swing analyzers, the sensor clips to the end of the grip. However, you don't need to tap the sensor on your belt to the one on the club to get them working.

The sensors are small, lightweight, and would go unnoticed on your club. You'll barely notice them while swinging your driver.

This golf swing tracker also offers users rangefinder options. This feature shows distances on the hole, fairway, or bunkers.

You don't have to worry much about your phone's compatibility since the device is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

While the sensors on the clubs do not need power, the one on the belt does. Each full charge will give you enough energy to play two rounds of the game. It's easy to charge as well; plug it into an outlet, and start your game.

On the flip side, some users found that the belt sensor easily gets caught on things.


  • Reasonably-priced
  • No tapping required
  • Powerful sensors for more accurate and instant evaluations
  • Lightweight, very small but powerful sensors
  • Offers suggestions for the right practice
  • No phone needed


  • The belt sensor might cause inconvenience

Buying Guide

Just like with any other purchase, you should carefully weigh the options and evaluate different aspects to make the right decision. Factors like usefulness, technology, durability and ease of use play important roles in deciding a good swing analyzer.

How Should You Use These Analyzers?

No matter how useful a product is, it makes no sense if you don't know how to use it.

One of the best approaches to using a swing analyzer is to concentrate on tempo.

It's great to figure out a tempo that works for you. However, you need to make sure that you're making a repeatable tempo every time you swing your club.

That's where a golf swing tracker comes in, which gives you instant feedback on your tempo.

A 3:1 ratio might be what you want to achieve at this point. However, you should know there is no best way for everyone to swing a club, and there is no tempo that works well on every golfer.

Chasing the perfect 3:1 ratio is possible but not necessary. All you need to focus on is finding the best tempo that works for you and practice it overtime to get the perfect shot every time you're on the range.

You can rely on golf training aids to hone your tempo in the first place. After the practice, you will certainly need feedback from an expert or a swing analyzer to know whether you're making your desired tempo swing.

Finally, keep in mind to concentrate purely on the tempo and forget about other metrics. You'll get better results if you are not distracted by so many measurements.

Whatever areas of a swing analyzer you take advantage of, you should not overwhelm yourself with so many aspects. You won't make any noticeable improvements if you have too much on your plate, working on swing plane, tempo, and swing speed simultaneously.

Just choose one problem you want to address first, and 100 percent focus on it with your golf swing analyzer's help. Keep an eye on your progress after every round, and you're sure to see improvement.

All in all, technology is aimed to help you step up the game, not to make you fall behind it.

Testing Protocol & Criteria Used For Evaluation


There is a boatload of devices aimed to help you improve your game. Therefore, it pays to consider the usefulness of your golf swing analyzer of choice before taking the plunge. Make sure to put it into good use frequently throughout the year.

You don't want to let the product gather dust on shelves just after trying it once or twice. For that reason, it's important to figure out the area you need to work on first, then do your research to find a suitable device.

With plenty of gadgets coming out every single day, you'd better avoid all the hypes and only buy things that people in the field highly recommend.


The more cutting-edge the technology used is, the more reliable the swing analyzer becomes. More advanced swing analyzers will generate more accurate results in a shorter amount of time.

In some cases, innovative technology also makes the tracking process more seamless and easier. 

Value For Money

Even an item does a very good job at what it's supposed to do, consider a cheaper alternative if it still delivers the same results. Make sure your purchase is worth every penny!


You will want to get a swing analyzer that's durable enough to track your progress season after season.

Beware of the products that come with fragile components, as they might give out just after a few rounds of golf.

Ease Of Use

Time is valuable, and we're all pressed for it. Before pulling the trigger, go through reviews of previous buyers to make sure your item of choice is easy to install and use.

Is it easy to register the sensors? Is it hard to turn on a particular function? The ease of battery charging is also one of the key features.

You will certainly not take advantage of a product that takes a steep learning curve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Difference Between A Golf Swing Analyzer And A Rangefinder Or Golf GPS?

A rangefinder helps users figure out the distance between the balls and hole and draw up a strategy that works for each hole.

Meanwhile, a golf swing analyzer tracks many aspects of your swing such as swing speed, swing plane, tempo and gives solutions for what you're doing wrong.

Some swing analyzers double as a rangefinder. Because you always need to turn on GPS mode on your phone, ensure the phone is fully charged, or, even better, take a power bank with you to make sure that you have enough power for a few rounds.

What's The Difference Between A Launch Monitor And A Golf Swing Analyzer?

While a swing analyzer attaches to the end of your club, a launch monitor sticks to your ball. However, you can use both devices to receive similar feedback, such as swing speed, ball speed, and other aspects.


With the swing analyzers' help, you can understand your strengths and weaknesses to start improving your game.

Our picks have their pros and cons and focus on specific metrics; therefore, make sure you get the device that best suits your needs.

If you’re still on the fence between our picks, consult our buying guides to choose the best golf swing analyzer for yourself. We hope you'll soon shoot lower scores.


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