Top 8 Best Golf Umbrellas for Passionate Golfers in 2021

Golf is a hard game to play as it is, but it's more of a challenge to play when it's raining or scorching hot. That's when you need the best golf umbrella the most.

Many golfers have to admit that they play the game at the mercy of the weather. Some have to leave the course earlier than they expect due to a sudden downpour or unusual gusts of wind.

This scenario is not likely to happen if you bring a golf umbrella with you. You can still enjoy your game or practice and fulfill your craving for the sport.

Buying this gadget seems less challenging than other golf gears like golf swing trainers or swing analyzers. However, there are so many models available claimed to be the best, making your buying process more arduous.

That's why we've rounded up 8 top picks to help you make the right decision. If you're still on the fence between these models, read our buying guide to gain more insights.

The main job of a golf umbrella is to help you continue the game by protecting you from the brutal sun, strong gusts or wet conditions. We make sure our picks can do these basic tasks well first before considering other less significant features.

#1. Repel Golf Umbrella Double Vented Windproof – Best for Rain Protection

If you're frequently playing in wet conditions, this unit is what you need to stay dry. It does a good job protecting you from being soaked.

Unlike other comparable competitors (with 6-8 ribs), this nominee comes equipped with up to nine fiberglass ribs. Thanks to them, this unit can hold steady against powerful gusts.

The Teflon coating renders the canopy waterproof. Therefore, it won't get soaked through even when it’s pouring outside.

We were pleasantly surprised at how much the material repels the water. After the rain, the canopy virtually instantly dries by shaking.

Besides, this sturdy design will automatically open or close at the press of the button. It takes no time to open up to protect you from the first drops of rain.

While wooden handle umbrellas come with a slippery handle when it's wet, the unit's rubberized handle is ergonomic and anti-slip for a comfortable grip even in heavy downpours.

For your peace of mind, this model is backed by a lifetime replacement policy. Users reported positive experiences with the replacing process so that you can make a purchase worry-free.

However, some users have found that the heavy-duty spring might be challenging for elderly players to use.


  • Cheap
  • Double-vented canopy
  • Dries off quickly
  • Automatic open and close mechanism
  • Nine fiberglass ribs for ultimate protection


  • Too stiff spring for weak hands
  • Doesn't perform well against powerful gusts

#2. G4Free Automatic Open Golf Umbrella – Best Overall

This pick has what it takes to battle with harsh weather. It's well-constructed and built to last as it's made of durable fiberglass.

The manufacturer also used the 210T pongee fabric to make the canopy, providing superior water resistance without adding too much weight.

This fabric also prevents the canopy from being blown inside out by the strong gusts of wind. The canopy also offers SPF 50+ protection, preventing the UV lights from damaging your face and skin.

If you're a picky buyer, G4Free still has many offerings for you to choose from. This model comes in three sizes and up to 20 colorways; you're spoiled by choice.

The size is perfect and generous. The biggest 68-inch model provides enough space for up to three adults (or two adults and two children) to stand underneath comfortably without getting soaked by water runoffs.

You can purchase this product worry-free as the manufacturer stands behind their product’s quality and offers a one-year warranty if any issues around craftsmanship arise.

We would appreciate it if this model closed at the push of the button. The semi-automatic open means that it opens upon pressing the button but requires manual force to close, which is slightly challenging, especially if you're carrying stuff.

All in all, this pick offers good value for your money. It has all the excellent features without breaking your bank.


  • Well-built
  • Affordable price tag
  • 20 colorways and three sizes
  • Wide coverage for multiple people
  • Good value for money
  • UV protection


  • Semi-auto opening
  • Slightly heavy

#3. ZOMAKE Golf Umbrella – Best for Wide Coverage

At 68 inches wide, this product provides comfortable coverage for 2-4 people. If it suddenly rains and your friends don't bring their umbrellas, you still can accommodate them, thanks to this golf umbrella size.

You won't have to sacrifice your spot for your loved ones as you have enough space to share with others.

With this unit, you can stay dry and safe, come rain or shine. The manufacturer used superb water-resistant and anti-slump material to make the canopy.

There's no leaking or dripping even in the heaviest downpours. Plus, the double-tiered canopy design comes with vents to let the wind circulate.

The unit also comes equipped with a sturdy fiberglass frame. All of these features make sure the unit excels in being windproof.

Thanks to the EVA grip, you can comfortably hold the umbrella for a long time without straining your hands.

You can play many rounds of golf worry-free during sunny days under the protection of this umbrella. It's SPF 50+ UV protected, so your face and skin are safe from the sun rays.

On the downside, this design is slightly large and bulky. It can be awkward to carry around. Luckily, the package comes with a carrying case and a shoulder strap for easier storage and transportation.

To sum up, the design has what it takes to shield you from elements for a better golf game, making it the best large umbrella available on the market.


  • Reasonably-priced
  • Fits up to four people
  • Water-resistant double-layered canopy
  • Sturdy frame
  • Decently windproof
  • Highly portable


  • Large and bulky

#4. BAGAIL Golf Umbrella – Best for Couples

If you're looking for a design for two people, this model is the best windproof umbrella you can buy.

At such an affordable price, this one is a steal with all it has to offer. It's a well-constructed design with a durable, stainless steel frame.

The producer uses the high-quality 190T pongee fabric, the most favored material, to make the canopy. Therefore, the canopy dries almost instantly and is super lightweight.

Like most golf umbrellas, this nominee comes equipped with a vented double-layered canopy, making it sturdy enough to deal with strong winds without flipping inside out.

The framework underneath is sturdy to flex with the winds and get back to its original shape without breaking.

Besides, the fiberglass ribs have gone through to the test against strong gusts of 55 mph, so you can rest assured when you're playing in such a harsh condition. Look no further for the best umbrella for wind.

The unit is easy to hold. The handle comes with a PU coating to provide you with a comfy grip.

The only gripe among users is that it's slightly heavier than a regular umbrella, making it slightly harder for people with little upper body strength to hold for a long time.


  • Designed for couples
  • Water-resistant pongee fabric
  • Withstands winds of up to 55 mph
  • PU coated handle for easy grip
  • A wide variety of color options


  • Slightly heavy

#5. LifeTek Windproof Travel Umbrella – Best for Sun Protection

If you're playing in the sun more frequently than in the rain, you will love to own the best UV protection umbrella. Looking for an umbrella that protects you from UV light while you're playing? This product is up to this task.

The tightly-woven canopy helps cut down more than 90% of the UV lights. Therefore, you can play your game without worrying about any health implication related to excessive sun exposure.

Plus, this choice is one of a few umbrellas constructed with nine fiberglass ribs, making it strong enough to withstand powerful winds. Whether you play in the scorching heat or heavy downpours, this pick will have your back, face, and skin protected as well.

This pick also features a single-button press mechanism, automatically opening and closing your umbrella. There will no longer be any hassle before and after you need to use it.

We also loved the sleek and contemporary design. It comes in Classic Black, Dark Red, Navy Blue, and Forest Green. These colorways make it a strong nominee for the best men umbrella to buy.

Since it's compact and lightweight, just 11.5 inches in length when closed, and 15 ounces in weight, you barely notice its presence in your bag. You can carry it all the time without having to check the weather forecast.

On the downside, due to its small size, the model provides enough coverage for only one person. If you're not comfortable sharing your space with others, this one can be the best mini umbrella to buy.


  • Block up more than 90% UV lights
  • Robust with nine fiberglass ribs
  • Small and light
  • Stylish look
  • Colorways suitable for men


  • Fits only one person

#6. Amazon Basics Travel Umbrella – Best for Budget

This nominee offers exquisite features at such an affordable price, just as other standard golf umbrellas do.

With a click of the button, you can activate powerful spring action to expand or gather back the umbrella. Therefore, there's no need to exert any strength while opening or closing it.

The soft-grip handle is comfy to hold. There is also a wrist strap, so you don't need to hold it all the time. The frame and the entire unit are reasonably sturdy as they are made from durable steel and polyester.

It also has vents in the canopy, which comes in handy during wind gusts. These vents help the airflow pass through and prevent the umbrella from flipping inside out.

For its price, this unit works well in fairly strong winds. You should expect a few times of inside-out flipping, though. However, it doesn’t break and returns to the original shape in no time.

The umbrella comes with a storage sleeve for easier carrying. The model fits back easily into the sleeve, which is a nice bonus. The compact design is suitable for travel purposes, and

Unfortunately, this umbrella weighs 13 ounces, leaving it on a slightly heavier side. The heavyweight signifies the high-quality material used to make it.

Another minor drawback is that the wrist strap feels slightly cheap. However, we don't think it's a major issue if you don’t use the strap from time to time.


  • Cheapest option
  • Automatically one-button mechanism
  • Comfy handle
  • Wrist strap for hands-free carrying
  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Vents to withstand powerful gusts


  • Slightly heavy
  • Wrist strap of low-quality material

#7. ACEIken Automatic Open Golf Umbrella – Best for Value

Three people can shelter under this large umbrella without their shoulders getting wet. This pick offers great value for your money and can be the best large umbrella for you to buy.

The model feels solid for its price. The stitching is perfect, and the soft sponge handle provides a comfy grip and keeps your hand warm in cold seasons. The handle is also easy to control during strong winds.

This unit can also be the best windproof umbrella on the market. The fiberglass shaft provides the umbrella with more stability.

On top of that, it can hold firmly in place during strong gusts of wind thanks to the eight robust ribs. You'll have no issue single-handedly holding the umbrella on windy days.

The fabric used to make the canopy is 190T pongee fabric, which is 100% water-resistant. With this nominee, the rain won't disturb your golf round much.

Besides, all the umbrella ribs are of high-grade fiberglass, rendering the umbrella considerably flexible yet lightweight for comfortable carrying.

On the other hand, although the unit opens at the button's press, many users love to have an automatic closure mechanism instead of closing it manually. Others have found that putting it back to the sleeve is  rather challenging.

These issues are certainly not deal-breakers, and this unit still can qualify as the best large umbrella we have.


  • Double-canopy design
  • Pongee fabric for water resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Works well in powerful winds
  • Lightweight


  • On the slightly heavier side
  • Manual closing mechanism

#8. BLUNT Metro Travel Umbrella with 37" Canopy – Best for Design

This model shields you from extreme weather while still elevating your style on the golf course.

The BLUNT umbrella boasts an impressive appearance. The special mini silhouette lends it a unique, stylish look, making it the perfect fit for fashion-conscious golfers, travelers, or business people.

Like many other competitors, the canopy is made from high-grade pongee fabric, so it dries quickly. The easy-to-grip handle is another nice bonus, and you can carry the umbrella all day long without your hands getting fatigued.

This model benefits from the Radial Tensioning System, which helps it stand against gale-force winds or heavy rains.

As the ribs have undergone rigorous tests in the gusts of up to 55 mph, this pick is sure to get you covered in any extreme weather, making it a strong competitor for the best windproof umbrella of the year.

We've tested ourselves and found that this one held up just fine against some fairly strong winds. That said, you should keep your expectation reasonable as this umbrella is not for super-powerful gusts.

If you need something to cover you in those really bad days, consider other super windproof options.

On sunny days, you can put it to good use as it'll protect you from the hazardous rays of the sun.

Nevertheless, you might find the price tag slightly off-putting. If budget is not an issue, this model can be the best portable umbrella to own.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Withstand strong winds
  • Effective UV protection
  • Comfy handle


  • On the expensive side
  • Suitable for 1-2 people

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Your Golf Umbrella

Design - Contributing to Practicality and Aesthetic

Golf umbrella is a long-term investment. Therefore, you need to use your golf umbrella for seasons to come and combat extreme weather. The right design plays a key role.

The best golf umbrella is a fine combination of practicality and aesthetic.

On the one hand, the canopy should be made from high-grade, durable materials, and the frame should be well-constructed. On the other hand, it should have a sleek look for you to take it to the green with confidence.

For example, wooden handle umbrellas give out a classy vibe and help users stand out from the crowd.

While a metal frame or stainless steel frame is robust and lasts for a long time, it will fatigue your hand if you hold it for several consecutive hours. Imagine you stay on the course for up to four hours or more and have to hold a heavy umbrella the entire time. It’s rather unbearable!

The most favorable material to make the frame is fiberglass, as it is durable as much as metal but lightweight and more comfy to grip.

Handle is the last consideration in this category. If you're playing in the sun more often, wooden handle umbrellas can be your best bet as you'll find no trouble holding them with your dry hand.

However, playing in wet conditions or wet hands necessitate a slip-proof handle for you to hold your umbrella for an extended period easily.

Easy/Auto Open

The ease of use plays a significant role in purchasing any item, and a golf umbrella is not an exception. It's best to go for the one with an automatic open/close mechanism, or at least an auto-open feature, so you can have it ready rapidly and stress-free.

UV Protection for Sunny Days

Your golf umbrella will shield you from rains as much as from the brutal sun. Therefore, it's a big bonus if your choice features UV protection.

The model with this feature will protect your face and skin from the dangerous UV lights, provide you the much-needed shade and prevent you from sweating too much. Excessive sun exposure can exhaust you during and after the game.

Shielding you from the rain is one of the basic functions of an umbrella. Many models on the market now are 100% waterproof, so there's no chance you suffer from leaking or dripping. They're your best bet.

Golf courses are notorious for winds. An umbrella that's worth a place in your golf bag needs to have what it takes to cope with powerful gusts. It should hold steady and won't flip inside out by the winds.

Size: Small or Wide Coverage

Golf umbrellas come in a variety of sizes. Some designs can accommodate up to four people, while others provide enough space for only a person.

You can come across a golf umbrella as small as 30-inch wide or as large as 70-inch wide. The best golf umbrella size to buy is 60 inches, so you and your golf bag can get fully covered from the elements.

The bigger the golf umbrella size is, the heavier the unit becomes. If you need a large unit, you should go for a fiberglass umbrella as it's more lightweight to carry for a long time.

The Ease of Storage

Many designs come with a wrist strap or/and carrying case for easier storage and carrying, which are nice bonuses. It would be nicer if you can store your umbrella of choice in your golf bag or golf trolley, so there's no chance that you forget it at home when you need it the most.


Just like with many golf accessories, it's not easy to pick out the best golf umbrella. You should take all the factors in our buying guides above into consideration to make the best buying decision.

Golf is no longer a weather-dependent sport if you have the right gear to let you continue the game, no matter the weather condition.


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